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One Wild Ride  There's nothing better than having the wind in your fur! This is a shot of myself & my buddy "Stinky" who was with me for 15 years... loved riding in the convertible, the bike- not so much!
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The Coolest Car On Water   My 1962 Amphicar at Lake Havasu...
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What's With That House?  Personally, I think I'm waaaaay louder than that house! Read the Full Story
The Birds  On the show that I hosted "What's With That House", I got to see some really crazy places! Read the Full Story
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Hi everybody welcome to my website! I've just posted these clips from The Price Is Right... hope ya like 'em!

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Now that this sucker is up & running, I'll be adding stuff all the time! If you get a chance, check out my new gig on The Price Is Right... and let me know what ya think! (feel free to be nice and lie about how great I am)