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  1. Hi George!

    Hope things are well for you and your family. Not so much here! I achieved the impossible and it was taken away. Wondering if you had any empty containers lying around?! Down to the wire.

    Best Regards

  2. Just wanted to say hi and say you’re doing an awesome job on The Price is Right! Love you George!!

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  9. After posting this I recalled another story from years ago. The Soviet Union at one time built a mega-factory to produce all the cigarettes for its people – closing down smaller concerns as inefficient. Then one day there was a strike and production stopped, effectively depriving the whole Soviet Union of cigarettes.Duplication? Or all your eggs in one basket?

  10. The white referred to the visual element. It was an unguarded phrasing, but there warn’t anything racial in it. A “black” woman in a white dress would also have been an “innocently white female” in the video… you could almost see a boy or man serving the same function, almost. Now did you like the video?

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  12. It’s funny – as I was reading all of the various movie plot summaries and saw how much they varied from the novel, I started getting defensive in my mind.“How could they change THAT?! That’s the whole crux of Dumas’ work! Why make it at all if you can’t find time for those important pieces?”Which flies in the face of my reading and review which complained about things being too drawn out. Sometimes I find myself enjoying things more the greater the distance I have from them.

  13. I am really looking for some different ideas to get my children involved in helping out the less fortunate or people in need. My only problem is my limited amount of time. I am a single parent with numerous jobs and businesses but I want to do as much as I can and I also want my daughters to do as much as they can. They are 5 and 6 years old, almost 6 and 7. Please help me find some different ways we can help. Thank you

  14. RS, I'm confused. Is the logic supposed to be that if country A becomes unfriendly, it creates more scope for increasing aid to allied countries B and C?If it is in the interest of State to create perpetually unsolvable diplomatic processes, is it in the interest of the Pentagon to create wars that go on forever?Oddly enough, on Libya and Mencius are on the same page."I of course regret the Libyan civil war, which will inevitably leave this great part of the world, Rome's breadbasket, Italy's fourth shore, governed by scoundrels or worse scoundrels"That kind of sounds like Libya under Qaddafi.

  15. Well as a lay man, what I understand is that the carbon in the air does not let sunlight escape once it enters the atmosphere. So, because carbon holds on to sunlight, it increases the atmospheric temperature. At the same time too much carbon blocks sunlight, and so it brings about a dimming phenomena.

  16. E ae Rogério!? Obrigado pelo comentário.Concordo com você. Eu ia citar essa situação, mas lembrei que um dos primeiros posts que escrevi aqui .Mas eu também já vi o oposto: os clientes queriam um contrato mais flexível mas o fornecedor estava tão fechado no waterfall que não cedia: “O contrato é para nossa própria proteção”, dizia o diretor. Pensamento de fracassado…Sucesso!

  17. I have read a couple of these which were great reads, I didn’t think there would be many people out there that have read The Burn Journals. That was such an upsetting but amazing book. I’d like to suggest one called “(Don’t Ever Tell) Kathy’s Story: The True Story of a Childhood Hell Inside Ireland’s Magdalen Laundries”…if you haven’t read it already. There have been allegations to say this story is false, but nevertheless, if anything along those lines actually happened in Ireland many years ago…it’s so heartbreaking.

  18. I was told by a man at a homeless shelter where I was serving dinner that “you can’t make a good turd on bread and butter.” Bet there are some that would be glad of a turd from your hot dogs.

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  20. “Definitly one of the benefits with going with a CPU based rendering system”.*Sigh, if only that was the case with consumer grade hardware, and not just cutting edge industry tech.Still, very cool stuff, even though I think it should be called “interactive” framerates instead of “realtime” rendering. Raytracing systems seem to want to break that barrier SOoOo BAD that they just mislabel themselves, even when they don’t break that required 24-30 FPS mark.

  21. Uff da… stakkars liten… føler med dere! VÃ¥r lille mann her begynner heldigvis Ã¥ bli mye mye bedre fra molluskene han da… ser ut som de begynner Ã¥ forsvinne, sÃ¥ jeg krysser alt som er for at det stemmer da! Da forsvinner de fortere enn jeg har forventet egentlig… Ses pÃ¥ lørdag da snuppa! klem klem

  22. ich hoffe mal ich darf da auch mitmachen …..obwohl ich nicht vorhabe mit einem Bikini rumzulaufen….grins….Aber das hört sich einfach richtig an. Vom Prinzip her kennt man das ja bereits selbst, aber ich bin jetzt neu motiviert worden und will das ab morgen mal beginnen…..Ich berichte dann wie´s mir ergeht….GrußJürgen


  24. Great post and so true that we need to learn to manage ourselves, not time. I have a hard time focusing so I have several things I do that help…a to-do list that’s always there, picking the 3 or 4 things I need to do for sure the next day, grouping tasks together whenever possible, keeping a good calendar, etc.Michele Bergh recently posted..

  25. Obama, being familiar with his friend, thought that his arrest was stupid and commented as much. *You* are the one injecting race into this. In the next universe over, President Romney was just impeached for siding with a world-renowned white studies professor (with whom he's acquainted) involved in a racial flap with a black police officer. Congress couldn't allow such old boy white supremacist networking, you see. Hyperbole? Well, of course, it's an alternate universe after all.~Svigor

  26. Don’t be to bothered by his maniacal description of how he would consume that lobster. The last time we visited Florida, Grandma treated us to Gatorland, pretty need alligator park. Anyway youngest weasel picked gator nuggets(for real) off the lunch menu and laughed as she took viscous bites off of them. “I’m so tough I eat the gators before they can eat me!”.

  27. what is the best form of exercise to lose weight (mainly off the stomach and chest area)?Ive started the gym and have been doing 40 mins hard cycle on the bike. I’m not that fit so Im gradually increasing it. Im 6 foot and weigh about 15 stone 4 (215 pounds) although I am a large frame and would like to get down to about 14 and tone up small bit.I eat very healthy during the week but not really on saturday or sunday.

  28. me parece super la moda, pero lo que no me parece es que sacrifiquen animales para vestir elegante… hay muchas otras cosas ingeniosas, que no atentan contra nuestro entorno, me duele mucho saber que en estos tiempos se estan usando nuevamente estas pieles, y eso que a mi me encanta la moda pero asi no. prefiero no ponerme nada a ponerme un animalito encima.

  29. The Duke 88 faculty should be tarred and feathered and shipped out of town on a rail. Steve, I’d like to see you comment on the Robert Epstein book to “abolish adolescence.” It seems that a lot of dysfunctionality of both students and professors comes from never growing up. Peter Pans who never face real world responsibility can make up any theory of life and politics they want. Who’s gonna call them on it?The New York Times? All the Times journalists are Peter Pans too.

  30. Wow- that was a unique popping method! It was like a physics problem – there was tension, torque, opposing forces – a little homage to Newton in one 15 second video! How many people think to use the cheekbone as opposing pressure? Nice squirt and I’m left wondering what scientific theory will be illustrated in part 2!

  31. dit :This is certainly what’s wrong with the classic / muscle / historic car hobby. Unless you might be an expert, you won’t be able to trust any person. I would like to spend some of my savings on a restored car-of-my-youth, but unfortunately I’m sure that there are actually several numerous people out there who appreciate much more to steal my money. I’m glad this dude acquired caught.

  32. I still can't see when I reread the book or even watch any version of P&P that she looses the friendship with Charlotte.At the end of the book no mention is made of Charlotte or Mr. Collins. Everyone else who’s been important to the story and/or to Lizzy get at least a sentence or two. If Austen had wanted to show Lizzy and Charlotte's enduring friendship, surely this would have been the place for that?

  33. Au lieu de dire qu’on est comme-ci et comme ca! Va donc lire un peu plus bas ce que j’ai écris !Moi je pense Martin que tu es un manipulateur accause que deux autres personnes dans l’article précédent ont mentionné que tu étais manipulateur! Non mais c’est vrai tsé veux dire tant qu’a me pointer du doight comme tu viens de si bien faire . Je pense que je vais me mettre a me rabaisser a ton niveau et agir pareil juste pour te monter l’exemple mon cher manipulateur!

  34. We watched this over the weekend. Thanks for posting. Our overall feeling was “Thank god we aren’t into the heavy partying scene.” The Full Moon party just looks like spring break in Mexico. Blech. You have to be careful and exercise caution any time you are traveling in an unfamiliar place. Respect the local laws, educate yourself on local scam practices and learn how to identify them.

  35. Yeah, the Jokosher forums are something of an experiment. We’re pretty much aware that the people who Jokosher is aimed at, musicians, aren’t really going to go for the whole mailing list and wiki vibe; forums seem to be much more accessible for not-all-that-techie people. God knows why, since they’re just bad slow reinventions of Usenet, but I think that battle got lost a long time ago. If you come up with any good tips about running a forum dedicated to a project like this, let us know…

  36. Herzlichen Dank für diese tolle Besprechung, die ich besonders gerne auch aufgrund der zusätzlichen Informationen von Gina Mayer gelesen habe. Du hast ihr sehr wichtige und interessante Fragen gestellt, Kompliment! Ich kannte vor diesem Buch noch nichts von Gina Mayer, möchte ihre literarische Welt nun aber unbedingt entdecken und freue mich schon jetzt auf das für 2014 angekündigte neue Buch!Liebe GrüßeMara

  37. in the past. He’s said too many dumb things going back to the 70′s, and said he likes “Rage Against the Machine”. What? Their first big album has a picture of the Buddist monk on fire. All their music is anger. They sing about anarchy.I used to think lots of this guy after “Manufacturing Consent”, but that was a long time ago, and I’ve got a different (lower) opinion of him now.

  38. On a mis en place un board de 6 personnes avec des profils très complémentaires depuis juin 2010. J’essaye de réunir le board physiquement 1 fois par trimestre en exposant les problématiques du moment. Il est important d’avoir des personnes qui connaissent le secteur, des personnes qui connaissent les problématiques.Chaque réunion est très enrichissante.

  39. GRATTIS ADAM !Och grattis Elisabeth till milstolpen! Man blir glad mitt upp i det elände som sjukdomen ger dig: du är så envis, insiktsfull och en underbart varm och fantastiskt människa som ger andra så mkt.Önskar jag kunde ge dig ngt!Böckerna ser underbara ut och de kommer att bli oförglömliga minnen för grabbarna.Mot nästa milstolpe!Kramar Madde-Umeå

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  42. Le dernier détail ensoleillé que j'ai vu ? C'était hier soir sur le blog d'Absolutely Glamourous qui arbore avec un bonheur palpable sa belle chevelure couleur champs de blés et ce magnifique foulard de chez Yaya Store(j'en rêve!) tellement gai et coloré!

  43. Lakers fans need to remember the summer of ’96 when Shaquille O’Neal destroyed the fortunes of Magic faithful bolting a team that had made the finals only two season before in order to join the Lakers.The only difference between the James situation and the Shaq situation is that James copped out by conspiring with two other players. If he had signed to play with one of them, that’s one thing. But the way this all played out was rather unacceptable.

  44. Ansåg att första ME var bättre än 2:an men sen ändrade jag mig efter min andra genomspelning eftersom jag missade så många sidequest första gången och förstod inte heller hur det funkade att köpa nya skills. Jag har kört igenom båda på easy och jag anser att man har mer använding av sina skills i 2an än i ettan. Story är likvärdig men gameplayet bättre i 2:an.

  45. ThomasYYHHLoh, Youtube is NOT a country, u cant ask for anything here! Be happy u have a place on web where u can upload ur videos and share them for free! Think about Chinese ppl, they cant do that, or Africans, most of them dont even have an ethernet. Stop being such a dumb noobs! BTW IF NEW CHANNELS WORK SLOW ON UR PC, THEN DONT USE IE!!!!

  46. i think tom and jerry are a little bit of both, but most of the time it kinda reminds me of myself in highschool… me and some of my friends would pick on each other so bad some probably thought we hated one another but you let some one mess with anyone of use and the? rest would have that persons back… dont know if i made any since there but awsome vid man T&J were always my fav growing up (still are lol) keep up the good work **Go Team Slackers**

  47. WOW…scary. This is exactly what I too thought would happen. I know that any support from the west is the worst thing that the west can do as well. I actually like Obama’s stand to remain neutral. The last thing the people of Iran need is for this bastard to say, told you so the west is the reason for the uprising. I am on pins and needles right now, knowing that something aweful is around the very near future.

  48. The crux of your writing whilst sounding reasonable originally, did not work well with me personally after some time. Somewhere throughout the sentences you actually managed to make me a believer but only for a while. I still have a problem with your leaps in logic and one would do nicely to help fill in all those breaks. If you actually can accomplish that, I could definitely end up being fascinated.

  49. I’ve been thinking a lot about you lately, and didn’t want to bother you. Thank you for answering all of my questions so beautifully in this post. It is a wonderful tribute to your brother, and I’m sure your help and presence at his side was a true treasure for him in those final days. I nursed my mother through her last months with cancer–enough said.Sending you big hugs from California. I missed you!

  50. i’m in the pre-training right now too and can’t get running off my mind (i hope it lasts, haha). running with a coach sounds awesome. my first step is to run with a group. preferably consisting of better, stronger, more experienced runners than me. just found one that fits the bill and we’ll see how it goes. those are awesome goals. i’ve been chasing the allusive sub-2:00 half-marathon for a bit. i feel that this is my year though. good luck! can’t wait to check in on progressellen recently posted..

  51. sam uvjeren da je ovo TO. DoduÅ¡e i onaj prethodni je bio TAJ, ali koliko je bil funkcionalan, toliko je i bil s vremenom težak i bugovit, a i počel mi stvarati probleme kod učitavanja, pa svako malo neki error i slično. Mijenjal sam isključivo zbog tih tehničkih razloga, a da bi izbjegao skoru promjenu onda sam iÅ¡ao na neki sasvim drugačiji pristup, jednostavniji, čišći i na kraju krajeva lakÅ¡i.Kaj se tiče prof. deformacije, tu te apsolutno kužim 🙂 Svaki tjedan templejt jedan…

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  54. Very interesting and possibly true that Christian imagery informs some of the decisions, but I think you are reading too much into the show. For example, Amelia Pond is red haired because both the actresses who play her (incidently, they are cousins) are red haired. In other words, is the red hair an essential part of the plot or just the hair colour of the actress who successfully got the part of Companion.

  55. No já si myslím, že nabídne úplnÄ› jiné spektrum slev. PÅ™ece nebude dÄ›lat slevy na posilovnu, nebo kafe v baru. To se mi nechce věřit. Spíše půjde o nÄ›co vÄ›tšího, než lokální hospody a fitka. Nevím teda co, ale bude to dle mého následováno pokusy o napodobení. VíceménÄ› neúspěšnými, protože ne každý má za sebou tolik penízků. BTW hodil sem si Drago tento webík do webu v podpisu…MÄ›l bych ho tam už dříve, ale zdálo se mi, že to tu troÅ¡ku zanebáváš, je dobÅ™e, že jsi to tu vskřísil:-)

  56. My friend just took a pregnancy test and it said positive. She’s is really scared because she just turned 20, and she’s kind of struggling with school and she wants to buy a house.Anywho, I told her to stay calm until she took another test. But I’m not sure what to say to her if it says it is positive. I’m a great listener, but once someone starts crying I don’t know what to say or do.Any nifty, charming, calm things to do or say to an upset girl?

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  61. Oh, by another way again …I find it very unfortunate that you limit the Baroque Stuff to one project. I don’t know WHY, but the wigs, the expensive dresses + the potential with all the sexy lingerie there is nowadays to do Modern Baroque type of stuff is so much of a turn on for me. My favorite porn scenes out there are all Baroque, unfortunately it all just involve girls. Seeing Modern Baroque involving TS would be like me in heaven. You and Mia in a Baroque scene would be SO great. Come on, ask her to do something like that with you! That would be so damn cool.

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  70. From my own experience sin leaves me with an overwhelming guilt which totally distroys my peace and eats into me and with God’s Graces and Endless Mercy that are there for each and everyone of us we can and must fight sin – where God is Satan is always present with his knifing ways! Then there is no end to the joy that the Good Lord brings us – for me – a joy that I cannot help but sing God’s Praises and dance with even tears in my eyes – thank you God in the name of Your Loving Son Jesus!

  71. Puxa, até o Mori andou comentando aqui, coisa de louco.O texto é bom, mas como não quero entrar em discussões que, por mais rebuscados que sejam acabam sempre soando como trollagem, vou acenar com a cabeça, fazer de conta que concordo com todo mundo e continuar na minha.Espero o próximo post! :)ps: Que venha Niburu!

  72. Wow, what a wakeup call! I don’t know how many times over the last 10 years I’ve encountered the type of scenario you unravel in your articles. I once had a brain surgeon who insisted on micro-managing every dotted i and crossed t throughout the development of his website. My thoughts have always been, “I don’t tell you how to run your business; how could you possibly know more than I do about my business?” You’ve completely turned me around and shed some light on the other point of view. I thank you for this!

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  74. Ahh. I loved reading this one. Your in the exact place I’ve been in for the past few months. It’s so nice too. I love being in a place and knowing that whatever you do is OK. Knowing that you can slow down enough to see the beauty in things again, be quite and hear the amazing words that are spoken in the silence,and rest.I love you and am so glad to hear of the place you are in. Know that I am here with you too.~Sorrel

  75. tracey · Hi Piper – Haha, glad you liked my letter to my old laptop … the world of Mac has provided me with much joy! I think until I decided to commit to ‘buy nothing new’ month, I didn’t give all that much thought to whether I was buying something because I needed it, or whether I was buying something because I wanted it … or at the very least, liked the look of it.Sometimes it’s good to do a bit of shopping habit self-reflection I think … so long as we don’t beat ourselves up too much over it!

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